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Graphic Design Services


Logo, business cards, stationery, order book, labels, promotions fairs fliers, etc..

AMPAC is a current journal in Microbiology and Clinical Parasitology of the Andalusian Society of Microbiology and Clinical Parasitology (SAMPAC).

An initiative to publish a journal that arose, initially, because in numerous calls, communications to congresses are not reflected at the curricular level unless they are published in a scientific journal. AMPAC was born with the vocation of serving as a platform for the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the area of ​​Clinical Microbiology and Parasitology.

Design of the logo and the layout of the magazine, as well as its online platform or website. I had previously designed supports of a scientific nature, a creative and methodical work, where scientific content must be integrated into a simple, clean and current design.

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